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Floor Sanding and Floor Restoration  Services in Kent

Floor Sanding Kent Provides Professional and Affordable Services Including:


Sanding & Sealing

Sanding Staircase

Traditional or Modern Finishes

Colour Changing





Fire Place Removals

Joist Repair

Floor Levelling

Floorboard Restoration or Replacement

Gap Filling Sawdust

Gap Filling Wood Slithers

floor sanding services in kent

Prioritising Safety

Ensuring safety is our top priority throughout every task we undertake. We employ appropriate protective gear and equipment, including ear protection, safety goggles, and dust masks, to safeguard our team members. Moreover, we diligently adhere to proper operating procedures for machinery and tools, maintaining constant vigilance and awareness of our surroundings and the presence of others nearby. When equipment is not in use, we securely set it aside and switch it off, further minimizing any potential risks.

floor sanding services in kent

Preparing Your Floor

At Floor Sanding Kent, we kickstart your floor transformation by meticulously preparing the surface before commencing the sanding process. Our dedicated team carries out a comprehensive floor assessment to identify any protruding nails or staples, which are promptly removed or carefully levelled to ensure a smooth floor surface. Additionally, we conduct a thorough inspection by walking over the floor, visually examining for loose or uneven floorboards. If any boards require attention, we delicately lift them, ensuring minimal disruption to any underlying pipework or electrical wires. To secure the boards in place, we employ the use of Tongue Tite screws, renowned for their strength and inconspicuousness, as they feature a small screw head that blends seamlessly with the floor, remaining nearly invisible to the eye. By prioritising meticulous floor preparation, we ensure a solid foundation for the subsequent sanding and refinishing processes, ultimately achieving exceptional results for your floor.

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Fire Hearth Removal

If you’re looking to eliminate an unattractive concrete fire hearth, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team specialises in removing fire hearths to restore the beauty of your space. The removal process begins by carefully hammering out the existing concrete base, ensuring a clean and precise removal. As part of our comprehensive service, we also provide and install joists where needed to ensure structural integrity. To complete the transformation, we utilise our collection of reclaimed pine floorboards. These boards are skilfully staggered and fitted, seamlessly covering the gap left by the removed hearth and creating a harmonious border that blends flawlessly with the surrounding floor. Our goal is to leave no trace of the previous hearth, giving your space a refreshed and aesthetically pleasing look. Trust our experienced team to handle the entire removal process efficiently and with great attention to detail, leaving you with a seamless and visually appealing floor.

Floor Sanding Process: Restoring the Beauty of Your Floors

The floor sanding process is a meticulous and transformative procedure that breathes new life into tired and worn-out hardwood floors. It involves several key steps to ensure a smooth, even, and visually appealing finish.

First, any necessary floor preparation is done, including removing protruding nails, staples, or adhesive residues. This step ensures a clean and even surface for the sanding process.

Next, professional-grade sanding equipment is used to carefully strip away the old finish, scratches, and imperfections from the wood surface. Multiple sanding passes are made, gradually using finer grit sandpapers to achieve a smooth and refined result.

After sanding, the floor is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust or debris. This ensures a clean surface for the subsequent steps and helps to maintain the quality of the finish.

Once the floor is prepared and sanded, the chosen finish is applied. There are various options available, such as oil-based or water-based finishes, each offering different aesthetics and levels of durability. The finish not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also provides protection against daily wear and tear.

Finally, the floor is left to dry and cure, allowing the finish to fully bond with the wood. This process ensures long-lasting results and a floor that looks stunning and revitalized.

Whether you have old, worn-out floors in need of a refresh or you simply want to enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors, the floor sanding process can transform your space, bringing out the natural charm and elegance of the wood. Trusting this process to skilled professionals ensures exceptional results and a floor that will be the envy of all who see it.

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Staircase Renovation

While many floor sanding companies shy away from staircase renovation due to its demanding nature, we at Floor Sanding Partners tackle it head-on. Staircase renovation is all part of our expertise and we are well-equipped to handle the task efficiently. We utilise smaller, dust-free machinery specifically designed for sanding the treads of the staircase. However, for the risers and hard-to-reach areas like corners, our skilled team meticulously employs a small precision hand scraper blade. It’s important to note that this method may result in some wood shavings and a minimal amount of dust. We prioritise precision and attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of your staircase is expertly restored. With our specialised techniques and dedicated approach, your staircase will undergo a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into your space. Trust our team to deliver exceptional results and make your staircase a stunning focal point in your home or commercial space.

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Gap Filling

There are three effective methods we employ to fill the gaps between floorboards, each tailored to deliver exceptional results. Let’s explore these methods in detail:

Method 1: Resin Filling
Using Resin, we create a paste by mixing the dust generated during the sanding process with Blanchon Resin. Our skilled team manually applies this paste over the entire floor, using a spatula. The Resin dries rapidly, typically within 20 minutes. Once fully dried, we meticulously sand off the excess, resulting in a flawlessly filled surface with the gaps, nail holes, and cracks seamlessly blended.

Method 2: Wood Slivers
For this method, we utilize reclaimed pine strips of wood. These strips are carefully secured into the gaps using a robust wood glue. Once the glue dries, the tops of the wood slivers are chiselled away, allowing us to carry out the sanding process. The end result is a beautifully flush and even floor surface. To achieve the ultimate even finish, we complement the wood slivers with resin filler, ensuring a seamless integration.

Method 3: Bona Gap Master
When cracks or gaps emerge in your floor over time, we recommend the use of Bona Gap Master. This durable mastic filler is available in various colors and can be conveniently purchased in tubes from our shop. The filler is applied neatly to the affected area using the provided nozzle, and any excess is wiped off with a damp cloth. To ensure proper drying and curing, it is essential to allow approximately 12 hours before walking on the treated surface.

By employing these gap filling methods, we guarantee exceptional results, leaving your floor looking flawless and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable walking experience. Our team is skilled in selecting the most suitable method for your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing finish to your floor.

Staining: Transforming Your Wooden Floor with Colour

If you’re looking to give your wooden floor a new Colour or tone, staining is the ideal solution. With a wide range of wood staining options available, you can achieve the look and feel you desire. Our experienced team applies wood stains by hand, using soft rags to ensure precise and even coverage. We understand the importance of finding the perfect Colour for your floor, which is why we offer samples of our stain range on your newly sanded floor, allowing you to see the results firsthand and make an informed decision.

Whether you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore bold, unique shades, or simply desire a subtle change to enhance the natural beauty of your wood, we have a floor Colour stain to suit your preferences. From rich, deep hues to lighter, more vibrant tones, the possibilities are endless. Our staining process allows the grain and texture of the wood to shine through, creating a stunning visual impact and adding character to your space.

By choosing staining, you have the opportunity to transform your wooden floor and create a personalised look that reflects your style and taste. Trust our skilled team to guide you through the stain selection process and bring your vision to life. Let your floor make a statement with a beautiful and customised Colour that will leave a lasting impression.

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Finishing/Sealing Your Floor: Preserving and Enhancing the Beauty

Properly finishing and sealing your freshly sanded floor is crucial for its longevity and overall performance. At Floor Sanding Partners, we offer two excellent options to achieve a durable and visually stunning finish:

Option 1: Osmo Polyx – Oil
Osmo Polyx – Oil is a top-grade hardwax oil specifically designed for interior flooring. This premium oil provides a tough and water-repellent finish that effectively resists scratches and scuffs. By applying Osmo Polyx – Oil, we not only protect your floor but also deepen the natural hue of the wood and enhance the prominence of its grain. Our team meticulously applies two coats of Osmo Polyx – Oil to ensure optimal coverage and a long-lasting result. It’s important to note that oils generally have a longer drying/curing time compared to varnishes or lacquers. We recommend allowing up to 12 hours before resuming light foot traffic on the floor.

Option 2: Bona Mega Lacquer
Bona Mega Lacquer is an excellent choice for a variety of spaces, including offices, smaller shops, hotel rooms, and homes. This water-based lacquer provides superior protection against scuffs and spills, ensuring your floor maintains its beauty even in high-traffic areas. We start by applying a coat of Bona Classic Primer, followed by two coats of Bona Mega Lacquer in your preferred finish—whether it’s a matte, satin, or gloss look. This innovative formulation boasts a rapid drying time of approximately 2-3 hours, allowing you to walk on your newly finished floor with indoor footwear.

Both options offer exceptional durability, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your floor, and are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Our skilled team will guide you in selecting the best finish/sealant for your specific requirements, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting result that exceeds your expectations. Trust us to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your floor with our expert finishing techniques.

Finishing/Sealing Your Floor: Preserving and Enhancing the Beauty
Finishing/Sealing Your Floor: Preserving and Enhancing the Beauty

With our floor sanding and restoration services, you can:

* Add value to your home: Beautiful hardwood floors can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

* Save money: Refinishing your floors is often more cost-effective than replacing them entirely, and it can also help prevent future damage.

* Enjoy a fresh look: Whether you want to change the colour of your floors or simply restore them to their original beauty, our services can help you achieve the look you want.

Hire Professional Wood Floor Sanders Kent

Our sanding team are highly experienced in domestic and commercial tasks and who are capable of the most intricate workmanship. All aspects of sanding are undertaken ranging from small domestic floors to large commercial floors such as gymnasiums and church halls.

Our wood floor restoration services spans the whole of Kent and Maidstone, Chatham, Ashford, Royan Tunbridge wells, Margate, Dartfod, Gravesend, Canterbury, Folkestone, Sittingbourne, Ramsgate, Tonbridge, Herne Bay, Whitstable, Dovere and Surrounding areas.

We Specialise in:

Floor Sanding

Welcome to Floor Sanding in Kent.Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials.
We provide dedicated customer care and service advice. Attention to Detail is our greatest pride and Guarantee in delivering Quality Floor Restoration Service in Kent

Wood Floor Repair

Wood floor repair service is available across Kent and is all about detail. Detail starts from selection of the best floor sealing products, to perfectly crafted floor finish and ends with the detail, we take on providing dedicated customer care and service advice. Detail is our greatest pride and assurance in delivering quality floor restoration service.

Wood Floor Maintenance

It has been always a great benefit to our Kent based floor fitting and sanding services, that we do supply of wooden flooring. We know more about wood floor installation and floor restoration than anyone else, due to our comprehensive knowledge on flooring products. An example of this is the number of clients who trusted our parquet floor fitters.

Floor Sanding and Restoration Projects

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Client Testimonial

Our hall floor had originally been varnished but had taken some real wear and tear over 20 years as the kids grew up. Charles and his co-worker did a really excellent job! Even very deep high-heel marks vanished, and the colour has gone from dirty brownish-grey to lovely warm tropical timber colours. Smashing.

Mr Hill - Feltham

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